Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sa....Mata Kita Ne !

Well, It was bound to happen sooner or later...but, the cat's outta the bag!

A very dear person has entered the blogger sphere and he's getting closer and closer on stumbling upon this blog.
He's not just a very close relative...he is a best friend too!
Sorry man, even though there's almost nothing's secret between us...still, there are a few things that I kept for myself for the greater good, things that it's just better if nobody else knew about...and this place was the only place I could reflect on those subjects and thoughts...where I kind of have a conversation with myself.

Well, it's been a fun ride this past.. what..little more than a year..?
sides, I'm obviously not cut out for blogging, since I'm the kind that I'd rather keep to myself than talk about issues ( 4 posts in a year should scream that out loud ne? ^^").

So....see you in another life you guys ! o/

Sunday, May 31, 2009

On Dreams...

This revelation descended upon me out of nowhere. It popped into my mind when a couple of guys at work started talking about what kind of dreams they usually have...and what is the most bizarre one they had. When one of them asked me what kind of dreams do I usually have. I tried to think about it for a while and then said " I.... I really don't know"

Only then that it hit me. I really don't remember the last time I had a dream. I tried squeezing my brain to remember when or what was the last dream I had...but no memory or an image came around at all.... except for one.
Only one dream I remember clearly till now, but it was your typical random dream (nightmare?). You know, falling in a dark endless pit...face first, seeing yourself through an overhead camera, and just before you hit the ground (you don't see it, you feel it) you wake up trembling from sudden shock like you've been hit with an electric volt .

I stayed all day after that trying to remember any other dream at all.... I couldn't.. -_-"
I realized that my sleep is one track only. I pass out on bed, and open my eyes in the morning to a new day....that's it! No dreams or any kind of images or even hallucinations, except for opening my eyes very few times (that is usually accompanied by a change of the sleeping position).

I wish I was one of those people who dream a lot, as I'm a strong believer in that quite a number of dreams aren't just some random brain blabber. Some of them actually contain vivid subliminal messages...maybe even predictions (yes i actually believe in that -_-) . And some people actually have a continuation of previous dreams! like you're watching a mini-series !

That aside, and from what little search I did , it seems that it’s pretty much a fact that everybody have dreams in their sleep, during a phase in sleep called REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which is basically when we are in a very deep sleep . The difference is that there are some people who remember their dreams, and there are who don’t.

There also seems to be a number of debated hypotheses on why do we dream, I find myself leaning to the theory that dreaming is an emotional discharge, it's a way for the subconscious to let loose of suppressed emotions that we do on daily basis by stimulating the mind to picture a scene, a place, a person....or any other objects. And this is probably why I pretty much don't have dreams, cause I spend quite a few moments during the day doing nothing but daydreaming....I'm already "discharging" those emotions.

Either that, or I have some serious mental issues >_>

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A first entry to check how the blog will be.

After years of running away from it, avoiding it, it finally caught up to me.

...Now, there is no escape.